What you’ve always wanted to know — right from the horse’s mouth

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Asexuality is not abstinence

Why you need it, and what to do with it

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Do you know the Hanky Code?

Photo by ernest et lulu on Unsplash

& how to show tf up

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1. Listen

What the chillest dude can teach you about life

Bob Ross — Supplied

A guide to growing engagement and reaching the right people

Photo by Jon Tyson

An ode to the movie that saved me from 9–5

Photo by Adrian Swancar

“It’s not that I’m lazy… it’s that I just don’t care.”- Peter Gibbons

  1. A crawling traffic jam

A Metalhead’s Journey To Redemption

Moirtallica Cover Bandcamp
Moirtallica Youtube

How people have treated me differently

Photo by Matias Jacobi

I must confess — I’m not married.

Lino printing — “Just do it” — Shia LaBeouf, 2015

Photo by Steve Johnson

I’ll let you in on a secret

Margot Q

Writer from Aotearoa New Zealand. Studying MA & MEd. Custodian of nearly $100k in student loans. www.margotq.com

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