What you’ve always wanted to know — right from the horse’s mouth

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Asexuality is one of the most misunderstood members of the LGBTQIA family. Oft forgotten entirely or met with confusion as queers and heteros alike grapple with the concept of not wanting to fuck.

Asexuality is not abstinence

There is a strange idea that asexuals people are just people who have chosen not to have sex. Being asexual isn’t like going on a diet, where you go without things you want or enjoy for a period…

Why you need it, and what to do with it

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Whether you’re new to packing or an deft old hand — you’ll know how packers and STPs can stick to everything. Unless you want to collect bits of fluff, dirt, you, or remnants of glitter, then you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a pot or two of packer dust.

Do you know the Hanky Code?

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The Hanky Code emerged in the USA in the 1970’s (some say New York on the East coast, some say San Francisco on the West coast) as a way to signal (using back pockets) to others in the Queer community just what exactly you’re into. By simply sneaking a glance at the booty, anyone who knows what’s up can either give you a knowing nod, a tight lipped smile, or come over and ask to buy you a drink.

& how to show tf up

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Allyship can take many forms, such as emotional support, being there for people when they come out, and being a voice when homophobia and transphobia are present. If you’re a member of the Queer community, here’s some tips for being there for everyone.

1. Listen

Regardless of your position either inside or outside of the Queer community — it’s your job to listen. Make sure when someone speaks about their experience that you make space and time for people to discuss their experience if and when they’re ready.

What the chillest dude can teach you about life

Bob Ross — Supplied

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? The permed man of our dreams, putting people to sleep since 1983. Whether you're here for him or not, his chill persona was mesmerising. Apparently he wasn’t the most chill in real life, but nobody is. I don’t care, Bob Ross is my dad, and he’s your dad too.

A guide to growing engagement and reaching the right people

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To grow your business and create authentic relationships with your customers there’s no more powerful tool than social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest allow you to reach new leads en masse without spending hours typing out long cold pitch emails or trying to funnel customers to your website.

An ode to the movie that saved me from 9–5

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“It’s not that I’m lazy… it’s that I just don’t care.”- Peter Gibbons

Hey Peter, what’s happening?

  1. A crawling traffic jam

2. Hip-hop loving white nerd bussin’ out the n-word

A Metalhead’s Journey To Redemption

Moirtallica Cover Bandcamp

On the 1st of November, 2017, Ian Moir, Wellington musician known for metal acts Dark Divinity and Into Orbit, was blocked by Steve on Facebook.

Moirtallica Youtube

Some people are able to move on after being shunned on a public platform. Others play tit for tat, and block the other person right back. For Ian, there were only questions. What caused the blocking? Could the relationship be mended? Would a beer help? Why, Steve, why?

How people have treated me differently

Photo by Matias Jacobi

I must confess — I’m not married.

Divorced, yes, but the thought of getting married again gives me the willies. I’m still young, not yet 31, however putting my eggs in one basket (figuratively , literally, and legally) puts me so far off I’m about to swear it off forever. There’s such a fullness I get from being alone that I’m not quite ready to give up.

Lino printing — “Just do it” — Shia LaBeouf, 2015

Photo by Steve Johnson

I’ll let you in on a secret

I have all the artistic quality of a peanut. Not a fantastically outrageous peanut, or those cool double nut ones. Nope. A soft, crusty shell that’s full of dust and air.

Margot Q

Writer from Aotearoa New Zealand. Studying MA & MEd. Custodian of nearly $100k in student loans. www.margotq.com

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